Welcome to The EEHPA

Ethiopian Environmental Health Professionals Association is a non-profit membership based professional Association

Who Are We

Ethiopian Environmental Health Professionals Association is a non-profit membership based professional association established under Federal Charities and Societies Agency license No. 2927 on December 17, 2012.

Our Mission

Ethiopian Environmental Health Professionals Association is dedicated to provide professional contribution to the nation in the struggle against communicable and non-communicable diseases, control of emerging diseases associated with climate change and environmental pollution, and maintenance of ecosystem health allowing professionals on the field to play a leading role in line with the national strategic plan through advocacy, active involvement and networking.


To see a country with no or minimal environmental pollution and improved environmental health services by creating resilient environment and healthy, productive and prosperous society. 

Value Statement


Maintain and promote high standards of practice and seek to apply the best possible skills, knowledge and experience to all our community.

Diversity and Inclusiveness

Respect and value diverse life challenges, creating an environment that is inclusive of all.


with related association and other Environmental health implementing parties


Foster activities that facilitate information sharing and exchange of experiences among others and various stakeholders


Willingness to take responsibility for action and outcome, and obligation to demonstrate that work has been conducted in compliance with agreed rules and standards including performance measures.


Openness to non-classified information and procedures to all


Integrate activities of the association with all Environmental health related sectors.


Environmental health professionals are committed to respecting the national strategies, positive ideas and duties.

EEHPA is contributing towards the advancement and maintenance of high standards of Environmental health services in Ethiopia, and promoting public health at large.  The association currently has over 1000 active members and encompasses thousands of practitioners, academicians, researchers, and interested groups in all regions and cities in Ethiopia.